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Singer and Voice Priestess

My life's path is one of facilitating healing,  As a vocal artist, having studied and used my voice in a specific way extensively.  I discovered and uncovered that there were more ways to work with the voice. As a Reiki Master and Breath Integration Practitioner, I have been able to indulge in my creative interest and inquiry: using the voice, supported by the breath, for healing.  Adequate and relaxed Breath supports spontaneous Vocal Tone which specifically assists individuals in releasing tension and into the realm of the Soul.  Providing tools to "release" the voice, the Soul Voice is found.   Energetically, this work has the possibility to break up and remove energetic blocks to perceived barriers to aliveness or joy, open energy channels within the body, and subtly replace feelings of disconnection with ones of connection and warmth. One's own sound can assist in raising an individual and group to a higher quality of well-being. My vision is to assist people and communities in removing fear and anxiety, and to uncover their immutable connection to their Soul, to each other and to the natural world one tone at a time. My current offerings consist of virtual individual sessions on Zoom, and in-person group sessions/workshops up to 10 persons. I usually start with deepening the client in principles of effective breath work before moving to the vocal toning. I work intuitively, so that the techniques I use fit the individual or group that I am working with.  Warmest welcome.  Marjasana

"It was such a healing experience to re-connect with my voice. I truly felt liberated after the voice workshop with Marjasana. It was such a relief! I have felt so judgmental of my voice in the past, and uncomfortable about singing, but Marjasana's approach made me forget all about that. I completely just enjoyed feeling the source, the root of my voice and it was a journey of connecting the body and it's natural longing to express through sound and song. I felt connected with something very deep in my soul afterwards and lots of Joy! Wow, I CAN sing! Thank you Marjasana for making me feel open, flowing and re/connected with my natural source of sound. Amazing experience and you hold a wonderful connected space!" --Mia Korling, Sweden

"The power of toning from the heart and soul, powerful resonant, echoing in the deep heart chambers. Marjasana's skill in connecting me to my inner spaces is profound. Somehow I remembered my primitive sounds and was able to bypass any ego judgment about how they should or should not sound. They were just perfectly me and through them I connected with my soul sisters." 
--Ayu Leishman, Scotland

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